Avoiding Auto Collisions With Animals in Bothell

auto collisions with animalsEvery driver does their best to avoid auto collisions, but animals don’t always do the same. While animal crossing signs help make drivers aware of places that animals may frequent in Bothell, Washington, animals may cross whenever and wherever they please. Auto collisions with animals often result in extensive damage to your vehicle that requires the services of an auto painting or auto collision repair expert. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be better prepared to safely avoid a potential auto collision in Bothell.   

1. Pay Close Attention During Twilight Hours

Dawn and dusk are when many animals are most active. Keep your eyes peeled for unexpected movement on the roadsides so you can avoid an auto collision with an unsuspecting animal.

2. Assume Animals Aren’t Alone

Many animals, especially deer, are known to travel in groups of two or more. If you see one, assume that at least one other will be nearby. Make adjustments to your driving speed and remain alert.

3. Never Swerve

The most important tip to avoid expensive auto collision repairs is to apply your brakes and not swerve. Your instinct to avoid the animal is just as strong as its instinct to avoid you. Swerving makes you more likely to hit another motorist, a nearby obstacle, or even the fleeing animal itself.

Need Professional Assistance with Auto Collision Repairs in Bothell?

Accidents happen, and neglecting to fix the resulting auto collision damage can lead to more expensive issues down the road. Need to find a reliable auto body shop in Bethel? Contact Accurate Auto Body in Redmond, Washington, today. Our expert technicians have the skills required to make your vehicle look as good as new. Visit our website for more information about our company or to view our manufacturer certifications. Call (425) 979–2098 to schedule an appointment for auto collision repairs today!

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