How to Avoid Auto Paint Damage in Bothell

avoid auto paint damageYou take care of your vehicle’s engine; you should do the same for its paint job. Fixing auto paint damage in Bothell, Washington, can be costly and time consuming, so prevention is the better option. If you do experience paint damage, however, make sure to schedule an appointment with an auto collision repair center immediately to prevent further damage. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you avoid auto paint damage so you won’t need repairs at your local collision repair center in Bothell.

Avoid Parking Near Foliage

While finding a shady spot may seem like a good idea, this location isn’t always ideal for your vehicle. Hitting stray branches and foliage can result in scratches in your vehicle’s paint. While a scratch may seem like a simple auto paint repair, some damage can be surprisingly difficult to address. In some cases, an entire panel may require auto painting!

Be Careful with Jewelry

When a manufacturer certified technician works on your vehicle, they are instructed to remove all jewelry, watches, and belt buckles. This is to ensure that they don’t accidentally damage your vehicle with a stray diamond or sharp accessory. You can avoid unnecessary auto paint repairs by being careful when you wear jewelry around your vehicle.

Dirt Does Damage

While dirt alone doesn’t damage vehicle paint, it can lead to problems. Leaning on, brushing against, or even improperly wiping off dirt can cause the need for auto paint repairs. Avoid using automated car washes because their mechanically controlled brushes can result in a trip to see your paint repair specialist.

Need Auto Paint Repairs in Bothell?

Do you need auto paint repairs in Bothell, Washington? The experts at Accurate Auto Body in Redmond can assist with all of your paint and collision repair needs. Visit our website or call (425) 979–2098 to schedule an auto paint repair appointment in Bothell today!

Expert Auto Paint Repairs in Bothell

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