Benefits of an Aluminum Clean Room in Carnation

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Do you drive a car or truck with aluminum parts in Carnation, Washington? It’s absolutely imperative that your collision repair center has an aluminum clean room. Keep the following aluminum repair station benefits in mind as you look for an auto body repair shop in Carnation.

Corrosion Prevention

One reason an aluminum clean room is so important is because steel and aluminum do not mix well. In fact, when the two come in contact, severe corrosion can occur. This reaction is called galvanic corrosion. Even contact with the smallest amount of steel will cause problems that can lead to complete structural failure. 


Aluminum is combustible when in dust form, which can cause serious safety issues. If this dust comes in contact with iron oxide (rust), it can ignite. Magnesium, which is a common vehicle component, can make this reaction even worse. Performing the necessary repairs in an aluminum clean room can prevent these potentially dangerous reactions.


If an auto body repair shop has an aluminum clean room, it means that the technicians who work there are familiar with how to use it. It also means that these professionals will know how to address your needed repairs correctly so that they don’t cause more damage to your vehicle. 

Looking for an Aluminum Clean Room for Collision Repair in Carnation?

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