Are You Paying too Much for Auto Body Repair in Kirkland?

auto body repairEvery accident in Kirkland, Washington, is different, but most require at least some auto body repair afterward. Depending on the extent of the damage, your visit to the collision repair center could be quite expensive. The question is, however, How much is too much? It can be difficult to know if you’re overpaying for your repairs, especially if you’ve never been in an accident before. Take the following steps so you don’t pay more than necessary for your auto body repair services in Kirkland.

Ask Around

Whether your vehicle needs minor paint repair or a complete body overhaul, the best way to ensure that you receive affordable services is to ask around. Speak with family members, friends, and coworkers about your estimate. If it’s too high, someone will certainly let you know. Continue Reading →

Why DIY Auto Body Repair is a Bad Idea in Fall City

DIY auto body repairHave you recently been in an auto accident in Fall City, Washington? If your vehicle was damaged, it may be tempting to attempt auto body repair yourself. While DIY efforts can save you money in some areas, they don’t generally mix well with auto collision repair. Consider the following reasons why you should never try to complete your own auto body repairs in Fall City.

Matching Paint Color is Difficult

One of the most difficult aspects of auto body repair is auto painting. Depending on your vehicle’s paint type, your car or truck may actually require multiple coats of various materials. While it’s possible to purchase auto paint, the results will probably be subpar. If you want to ensure that the exterior of your vehicle looks the way it did before the accident, you’ll need assistance from a paint repair specialist.

Some Damage May Electrical

It may seem that the damage to your vehicle is minor. It’s possible, however, that there is electrical damage you can’t see. While it may look like your bumper is the only issue, there are actually a number of electrical systems wired underneath the outside of your vehicle, including parking assist, object detection, and operating lights. Make sure nothing’s overlooked by scheduling auto body repair at a collision repair center. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Auto Paint Damage in Bothell

avoid auto paint damageYou take care of your vehicle’s engine; you should do the same for its paint job. Fixing auto paint damage in Bothell, Washington, can be costly and time consuming, so prevention is the better option. If you do experience paint damage, however, make sure to schedule an appointment with an auto collision repair center immediately to prevent further damage. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you avoid auto paint damage so you won’t need repairs at your local collision repair center in Bothell.

Avoid Parking Near Foliage

While finding a shady spot may seem like a good idea, this location isn’t always ideal for your vehicle. Hitting stray branches and foliage can result in scratches in your vehicle’s paint. While a scratch may seem like a simple auto paint repair, some damage can be surprisingly difficult to address. In some cases, an entire panel may require auto painting! Continue Reading →

Common Types of Auto Paint in Redmond

auto paint typesAre you looking for expert auto paint service in Redmond, Washington? Whether your vehicle needs touchups during collision repair or you’re simply looking for a change, selecting the right paint is important. While your auto collision repair specialist can make a recommendation, it’s always better to be informed. Consider this information about paint types when looking for a collision repair center in Redmond.

Urethane Paint

Urethane is a very popular option for auto painting. This is because it can be sprayed over other auto paint without causing problems. It’s also decently affordable, durable, and rarely fades or chips. The only downside is that urethane paint can appear plastic-like over time.

Metallic Paint

If you’re looking for a paint that will stand out, talk to your manufacturer certified technician about metallic auto paint. It’s perfect for sports cars and muscle cars. The resulting shine is also good at hiding small surface damage. It is, however, expensive and difficult to repair. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Kirkland

paintless dent repairIf you’ve ever been in a car accident in Kirkland, you know how long auto painting can take. Depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle, you may be able to request paintless dent repair. This is a process that is often quicker and less expensive. A reputable shop with manufacturer certified technicians should offer this restorative approach. Keep the following advantages of paintless dent repair in mind as you look for a reputable collision repair center in Kirkland.

Takes Less Time

The most time consuming part of auto collision repairs is properly matching and curing vehicle paint. Paintless dent repair eliminates this part of the process completely. Some collision centers can complete repairs within a few hours.

Costs Less Money

Time is money in the collision repair business. Because paintless dent repair take less time, it often costs significantly you less money. In some cases, a collision repair technician may be able to repair your vehicle in the same day, which will drastically decrease your labor bill. Continue Reading →

Common Collision Repairs in Fall City

collision repairHave you been in a car accident in Fall City? Collision repair can be stressful but must be handled right away. There are several common collision repairs that manufacturer certified technicians can quickly assist you with to prevent further damage. If you’re in need of any of the following services, contact an auto collision repair expert in Fall City today:

Vehicle Painting

Your vehicle’s paint doesn’t just look nice, it also serves as a protective layer against rust. If you have paint damage after an accident, it’s imperative that you take your vehicle to an experienced collision repair center to determine how best to repair your paint job. Paint repairs can take time, so begin the repair process as soon as possible.

Dent Repair

Most dents resulting from an accident are purely cosmetic. On rare occasions, like dented wheel wells, they may interfere with moving parts of your vehicle. Save yourself some money by having an auto collision repair professional check your vehicle to determine whether they can repair dents without replace other parts. Continue Reading →

Avoiding Auto Collisions With Animals in Bothell

auto collisions with animalsEvery driver does their best to avoid auto collisions, but animals don’t always do the same. While animal crossing signs help make drivers aware of places that animals may frequent in Bothell, Washington, animals may cross whenever and wherever they please. Auto collisions with animals often result in extensive damage to your vehicle that requires the services of an auto painting or auto collision repair expert. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be better prepared to safely avoid a potential auto collision in Bothell.   

1. Pay Close Attention During Twilight Hours

Dawn and dusk are when many animals are most active. Keep your eyes peeled for unexpected movement on the roadsides so you can avoid an auto collision with an unsuspecting animal.

2. Assume Animals Aren’t Alone

Many animals, especially deer, are known to travel in groups of two or more. If you see one, assume that at least one other will be nearby. Make adjustments to your driving speed and remain alert. Continue Reading →

How to Prevent the Need for Collision Repairs in Redmond

collision repairsWhen it comes to collision repairs, the best way to prevent them is to become a safer and more responsible driver. Don’t be the reason you and your vehicle end up at a collision repair center! While accidents are sometimes unavoidable, you can limit your visits to a body shop without too much difficulty. Here are several great tips that will help you avoid the need for collision repairs in Redmond.

1. Become Familiar with Your Route

One of the best ways to avoid collision repairs is to become familiar with your route before you begin driving. This is particularly important if you drive without using a GPS.

2. Limit Distractions

Loud music, cell phones, and horseplay don’t belong in your vehicle, especially when it’s in motion. Driving safely means limiting your distractions. Doing so will limit your interactions with a collision repair specialist. Continue Reading →

Common Collision Repairs Accidents Generate

common collision repairsHave you recently been involved in a fender-bender? No one wants to be in a car accident but, unfortunately, they happen. While the extent of the resulting damage can vary greatly, the need to fix it as soon as possible remains the same. If you need collision repairs, it’s important to find a reliable auto body shop near you. Taking your vehicle to a collision repair center can prevent damage from worsening. Here are some common collision repairs you might need after an accident.

1. Dents

One of the most common collision repairs you’ll probably need is dent repair. This is when the auto technician is able to remove a small or substantial dent from your vehicle. Make sure you ask about paintless dent repair, which is a process that doesn’t impact the paint job on your car. Continue Reading →

Ways to Prevent Collision Repairs

collision repairsWhen it comes to collision repairs, the best option is preventing the accident from ever happening in the first place. The more safely you drive, the less likely you will be to find your car at a collision repair center. While accidents will undoubtedly happen, being a responsible driver will limit your need for collision repairs. Here are ways you can be safer on the road and hopefully keep your car far from an auto body shop.

1. Know Your Destination

One of the best ways to avoid collision repairs as a result of a car accident is to know your destination. While this becomes more difficult when going to a new place, don’t let yourself become distracted by printed directions or navigational systems. Spend time becoming familiar with your route before you hit the road. Continue Reading →